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Vermont Pay For Performance Program Application opens January 2

By Brodie Haenke, VT Agency of Agriculture, Food & Markets

Farmers interested in participating in the Vermont Pay For Performance (VPFP) program will be able to submit applications starting January 2, 2023 by visiting The application period will close January 20, 2023. 

The Vermont Pay for Performance program provides annual performance-based payments to Vermont farmers for reducing phosphorus losses from their agricultural fields.  First time enrollees, regardless of their demonstrated phosphorus reductions, are eligible for an additional initial data entry payment of $15 per acre they enroll in the program (up to $4,000). 

To be eligible for the VPFP program, farms must manage crop, hay or pasture land, ensure their farm business is registered with the USDA Farm Service Agency, have updated maps for all their fields, and have an up-to-date Nutrient Management Plan that meets the Required Agricultural Practices for their farm size, which includes having up-to-date soil and manure tests for all sources.  

Interested farms should recognize that this is an innovative and performance-based program which gives you the potential to learn more about the outcomes of your farm management and to earn high annual payments but is data-driven so requires good records/data management.  

For more information, please contact Brodie Haenke at or call 802-636-7852.