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Feed, Seed, Fertilizer & Lime

The Agricultural Resource Management Division (ARM) is responsible for ensuring the integrity of commodities regulated under the Commercial Feed, Seed, Fertilizer, and Agricultural Liming Materials Laws. To ensure that products are truthfully labeled, ARM Field Agents inspect establishments that manufacture or distribute regulated products. The inspection involves reviewing product labels for accuracy and collecting and analyzing representative samples of the products.  A regulated product having false or misleading labeling or containing a substance that has been identified as harmful to man, plants, animals, or the environment is prohibited from further distribution in Vermont.  Also, a misbranded or adulterated product is prohibited from distribution until it is brought into compliance with the law.
Follow the links below for more specific program information, including the regulations and how to register products in Vermont:

Vermont’s Feed & Pet Food Program

Vermont’s Seed Program

Vermont’s Fertilizer & Lime Program