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Vermont Forest Health Program Launches Interactive Invasive Pest Status Map

April 16, 2024

invasive pest map

The Department of Forests, Parks & Recreation’s Forest Health Program has unveiled a new tool to empower residents in the fight against invasive forest pests. The newly launched Vermont Forest Invasive Pest Status Map offers an interactive platform to track the spread of invasive species such as beech leaf disease, elm zigzag sawfly, elongate hemlock scale, emerald ash borer, and hemlock woolly adelgid across the state.

The Forest Invasive Pest Status Map provides users with a comprehensive overview of town infestations and detection years for each invasive pest. One of the key features of the map is its user-friendly interface. Users can select a pest to learn where it has been identified, basic information, and how to report sightings.

This map allows Vermonters access to up-to-date information to aid in monitoring and mitigation efforts. With increased awareness and timely reporting, Vermonters can play a vital role in protecting the state’s forest health and ecological integrity.

To visit the Vermont Forest Invasive Pest Status Map, click here.

For more information regarding invasive detections, please contact the forest health staff.