Agriculture Commodity Inspection

The Consumer Protection Section assesses the quality of agricultural products at the point of production and at the location offering products for retail sale. Products such as eggs, apples, potatoes, strawberries, and maple syrup are inspected for proper labeling and quality. The Consumer Protection Section also works with producers to help them make the best product possible and grade and label it correctly.

Apples – Apples are inspected to assure that they are graded properly. The grade consists of size, color, and condition of the apples.

Eggs – Eggs are candled (inspected with a light to see the inside) to determine the grade and quality.

Strawberries – Strawberries are inspected for size, color and condition, and to make sure that the baskets are filled with the correct volume of berries.

Maple Syrup – Maple syrup is inspected to make sure that the grade, volume, and labeling are correct. Representative samples are opened to check the four basic criteria: color, clarity, density, and flavor. The origin of the syrup is also verified during the inspection.

Potatoes – Potatoes are inspected for size, grade, condition, and proper weight. Condition includes the color (no greening), presence of debris, and quality.

Questions pertaining to agricultural product inspections should be directed to the Consumer Protection section.