Governor Phil Scott Offers Thanks To Vermont Farmers

(Gov. Phil Scott visited Adams Turkey Farm in Westford to see how Dave, Judy and their son Phillip run the popular poultry farm during the busy holiday season.)

In honor of the Thanksgiving holiday, Governor Phil Scott joins the Agency of Agriculture Food & Markets in offering thanks to our farmers, local businesses and food producers for providing all Vermonters with high quality food.

“We are grateful to have hard-working farms, like Adams Turkey Farm in Westford, making sure Vermonters have fresh Vermont turkeys for their Thanksgiving table. We are thankful farming employs so many Vermonters.  Across the supply chain, 64,000 Vermonters are employed in the food economy,” said Gov. Phil Scott.

Fresh food is a bright spot in Vermont’s local economy. Not only does Vermont food taste amazing but when you purchase Rooted in Vermont food, you help create jobs, support the community, protect family farms, and most importantly help more local food be accessible for more Vermonters.

Last year Vermont produced nearly 48,000 turkeys and thousands of chickens as well. A Vermont Thanksgiving wouldn’t be complete without the best ingredients sourced from local, Vermont farmers.

To help locate your dream bird, check out Vermont Fresh Network’s 2017 Turkey Finder and for all your other Thanksgiving shopping needs and a local wine and cider pairing guide you can find a list of Vermont Thanksgiving-week farmers markets by visiting the Network's event blog.