Other Ways for State of Vermont Employees to Access Local Food


Farmers’ Markets   Farm Stands 
Grocery Stores and Co-ops


Farmers’ markets are a great way to access fresh, local food, and often connected to programs that increase affordability. Each farmers’ market is unique, and can vary in size, sales volume, amount of vendors, and visual appearance. We recommend visiting as many markets as you can. There are many markets throughout the state, including several weekday markets located right near State of Vermont worksites! If you have never visited a farmers’ market before, this is a convenient way to connect with a market conveniently located near your place of work!

Below is a link to Northeast Organic Farming Association’s convenient farmers’ market search website. You can find any farmers’ market in the state, and can search by county, day of market, and whether markets accept EBT and debit cards.  http://nofavt.org/farmers-markets

To learn more about farmers’ markets, visit our main farmers’ market webpage: Farmers Markets


There’s nothing quite like visiting a farm. The sites, smells and sounds are enough to transport us to a different mental state- one that is more contemplative, humble and aware of our surroundings. In Vermont, there are many ways we can connect with farms- we can work on them, take vacations on farms, and even enjoy a meal on a local farm. One of the most basic ways to enjoy a local farm is to visit a farm stand.

Many farm stands are organized as self-pay for shelf-stable, refrigerated, and frozen items. Vermont has many farm stands throughout the state, with a wide variety of offerings. There’s probably one right on your way home from work! Below is a link to the Northeast Organic Farming Associations Farm Stand search site, where you can search listings by county: http://nofavt.org/find-organic-food/farm-stand


Grocery stores near your workplace or your local community grocery store probably stocks more local food than you think. In the last decade, consumer demand for local food has grown significantly, and grocery stores have begun to respond. Next time you are at the grocery store, take a look- how many products can you find that are made in Vermont?

Co-ops are owned by the members of a local community, to meet the needs and desire of their particular consumer community. Due to this community orientated mission, co-ops often carry many locally produced items.

In Vermont, there are more than a dozen co-ops throughout the state, and offer a wide selection of local products. Visit the Neighboring Food Co-op Association to find one near you: http://nfca.coop/VT