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NE-DBIC Funding Calendar

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Upcoming NE-DBIC Funding Opportunities

Application Open
Program Name
Grant Description
Who Should Apply
April - August 2023

Existing Dairy Processor Expansion Grant: Tier 3

Tiered grants for specialized equipment needed to increase processing capacity of regionally produced milk. Dairy Processors Ben Eldredge 
(802) 522-9478
June - August 2023

Dairy Packaging Innovation Grant

Grants to support modernized packaging initiatives that prioritize sustainability, scalability, and marketability.  Dairy Processors, Manufacturers, Producer Associations, Supply Chain Businesses, Educational Institutions Kathryn Donovan, (802) 585-4571 
September - November 2023

Massachusetts Co-Packing Startup Grant

Grants for either (1) Massachusetts dairy farmers or (2) licensed Northeast dairy processors to launch a farm-branded value-added product line via co-packing. Dairy Farmers, Dairy Processors Ali Boochever 
(802) 261-5740  
October - December 2023

Dairy Farm Improvement & Modernization Grant 

This grant will fund a wide range of projects that prioritize long term dairy farm viability and climate/economic resilience.  Dairy Farmers, Producer Associations, Technical Assistance Providers  Ben Eldredge 
(802) 522-9478
October - December 2023

The Dairy Farm Cohort Technical Assistance Program 

Service providers will be able to submit proposals to develop cohorts of dairy farmers to address relevant areas of technical assistance.  Technical Assistance Providers  Laura Ginsburg, (802) 522-2252
November 2023 - January 2024

On-Farm Milk Storage & Handling Grant

Grants to provide dairy farmers with funds that support the purchase and supplies to improve milk storage, handling and energy efficiencies. Dairy Farmers  Ali Boochever 
(802) 261-5740  
December 2023 - February 2024 Goat & Sheep Dairy Supply Chain Development Grant Grants to improve the regional conditions for goat and/or sheep dairy products. Dairy Farmers, Dairy Processors, Manufacturers, Producer Associations, Technical Assistance Providers, Supply Chain Businesses (distributors, retailers, etc.), Educational Institutions Kathryn Donovan,  
(802) 585-4571  
December 2023 - February 2024

Dairy Food Safety and Certification Grant 

Grants to support food safety projects including specialized equipment purchase, supplies, food safety training, and certifications. Dairy Farmers and Dairy Processors  Ben Eldredge 
(802) 522-9478