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How are you managing your stress?

Farm First

By Farm First

You may have heard that not all stress is bad – and that’s true. Acute stress triggers cortisol, which can be energizing, focusing, and motivating – all things we need to escape danger. Our bodies and minds are built for handling that type of stress for short bursts of time, and then recovering. How fast we recover from a bout of stress is a measure of resiliency.  

What our bodies and minds are less equipped for is ongoing or chronic stress, where there is crisis after crisis, or even small, nagging stressors that keep the cortisol flowing day in and day out. Kind of like farming.  

Everyone tolerates and manages their stressors differently. Some people go from challenge to challenge, volleying whatever comes their way like a pro tennis player. For other people, it may feel more like they are being tackled by a pro football player every day and end up feeling pretty beat up by the end of the season. And for others, it may seem like they’re keeping up well, but the stress is taking its toll in other ways, like in relationships or unhealthy coping mechanisms.  

Would you like a stress management check-in?  

A stress management check-in is a 45-minute conversation with a Farm First Wellness Coach to learn about your lifestyle and how you’re managing stress, and a follow-up session 3 months later. If desired, they can offer you free resources.  

For participating in the check-in and follow-up sessions, farmers will receive a total of $100.   

Check-in conversations can take place at your farm or via Zoom.  

Sign-up by calling the Farm First Wellness Coach, Gretchen Webber at (802) 277-7989 or send an email to 

Check-ins are only available for the first 50 participants, so reach out to Gretchen today!  

Contact Farm First if you have any other questions or concerns at: (802)-318-5538 

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