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Help Tourists and Travelers Find You with DigInVT! 

A family walks out of a farm stand holding bags

September 29, 2023

Are you a business in Vermont that caters to food enthusiasts, travelers, and locals looking for an authentic culinary experience? If so, it's time to join DigInVT, the state's premier guide to food tourism. With over 73,000 site visitors in 2022, DigInVT is the perfect platform to showcase your offerings and connect with a hungry audience. In this blog, we'll explore how DigInVT can help you reach new heights in the vibrant world of Vermont's food and farm tourism. 

What is DigInVT? is more than just a website; it's a comprehensive marketing resource that is a bridge between local food businesses and tourists in Vermont. Whether you own a farm with a farm stand, a farm-to-fork restaurant, a quaint bakery, a cheese shop, or any local food and beverage establishment, DigInVT is your gateway to attracting more customers. 

Why Join DigInVT? 

  1. Exposure Through Place Profiles: DigInVT boasts Vermont's largest collection of food and farm directed Place Profiles. These profiles combine information from the membership of 10 producer organizations and feature details on over 500 locations. When you become a member, your business gets a dedicated profile, making it easier for tourists and travelers to find you. From eateries to cideries to food markets and pick your own locations, DigInVT offers site visitors a way to find an authentic taste of Vermont. 

  1. Custom Itineraries with My Places: The My Places feature allows users to create their own itineraries and share them through social media. If your business is part of a visitor's personalized journey, you're more likely to be on their must-visit list. 

  1. Trails Library: DigInVT provides suggested itineraries that take tourists throughout the state, encouraging exploration and discovery of your region. 

  1. Events Calendar: Is your business hosting a special event or offering a unique experience? From classes and workshops to festivals, tastings, and special dinners, DigInVT's events calendar is specifically focused on local food and farms. This calendar can help you draw in attendees from across Vermont and beyond. 

  1. Original Content and Fresh Feed Newsletter: DigInVT regularly publishes original content on its blog and sends out the Fresh Feed newsletter to over 9,500 subscribers made up of people who live in Vermont and visit from out of state. This exposure can highlight your business and what sets it apart. 

  1. Special Features: DigInVT frequently showcases member events and hidden gems, shining a spotlight on all corners of the state. Be a part of these special features to gain additional recognition. 

Becoming a DigInVT Partner Member:

As a DigInVT Partner Member, you'll receive a profile page that can serve as a valuable tool to promote your business. Here's what you need to do: 

  • Check Your Place Listing: DigInVT uses the information provided during member enrollment/renewal to build your profile. Keep this information updated to ensure potential customers can find you accurately. 

  • Connect on Social Media: Tag DigInVT's social channels (@diginvt) or use #DigInVT when posting about your authentic food and farm experiences in Vermont. 

  • Submit Story Ideas: Share your unique stories and ideas for the Fresh Feed Newsletter. This public-facing e-newsletter can help you connect with an engaged audience - and this audience certainly is engaged! The Fresh Feed Newsletter boasts an average 44% open rate (compared to the industry average of 22%). 

  • Promote Your Events: Whether it's a farm tour, a tasting event, or a seasonal celebration, add your events to DigInVT's calendar to ensure maximum visibility. 

  • Stay Engaged: DigInVT is always on the lookout for fresh content and stories to share. Keep the editorial calendar in mind and share information about your upcoming events or seasonal offerings well in advance to make sure they get maximum promotion. 

  • Order Your Act 31 Sign: DigInVT offers Act 31 signs to members. These signs help keep you in compliance with Act 31, limiting your liability as an agritourism operation. Learn more about Act 31 here

DigInVT is your ally in the vibrant world of Vermont food and farm tourism. By joining, you're not only opening your doors to new customers but also contributing to the tapestry that makes Vermont a culinary and agritourism destination. So, don't miss out on this opportunity to grow your business and showcase what makes your establishment unique! Learn more and sign up for DigInVT today! 

DigInVT is managed by Vermont Fresh Network. Please email with questions.

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