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Farm Determination Form

Welcome to the VAAFM Farm Determination/Farm Structure Variance application form!

Please note that once you start this form, you will not be able to save and come back later. The form is likely to take 10-15min to complete. Please have the following materials ready:

Farm Determination:

  • Size of operation (#acres, #of different livestock categories, etc)

Farm Structure Determination/Variance:

  • Zoning district of proposed structure
  • Name and contact information for town Zoning Administrator
  • Required town setbacks
  • Site Plan including building location, setbacks, etc.
  • Letter informing Municipal Zoning Authority of proposed construction

Choosing from the options below, please select the application you would like to fill out today. 

I am applying for a...
*For (a) operators that have submitted a Farm Business Plan to the Agency or for (b) certified or permitted CSFOs, MFOs, and LFOs, where Annual Certification, coverage under the MFO General Permit, or LFO Permit provides proof of jurisdiction for your operation under VAAFM and no Farm Determination is needed.