pastureThe Northeast Dairy Business Innovation Center (NE-DBIC) and its partners offers grants, events, workshops, and educational opportunities to dairy farmers, processors, and service providers.

Currently Open

Grant Opportunity: Goat & Sheep Dairy Supply Chain Grant

Funds are available through the Goat and Sheep Dairy Supply Chain Grant program, which will provide grants for Northeast dairy farmers, processors, and/or producer associations to improve the goat and/or sheep dairy supply chain.
Application period: July 8 - September 30, 2021 at 2:00 PM ET **EXTENDED DEADLINE & ELIGIBILITY**

Upcoming Activities 

  • Transition to Grazing Cohort Technical Assistance Services: In late September, service providers across the Northeast will be invited to submit proposals for contracts to offer localized cohort-based technical assistance for dairy farmers considering transitioning their farm to a grass-based production model, improving forage management, or other innovative on-farm practices.

  • Dairy Food Safety & Certification Grant: In October 2021, the NE-DBIC will release a grant opportunity for to support food safety improvements for including technical assistance, audits, plan writing, and infrastructure upgrades.
  • Dairy Technical Assistance Grant Program: In October 2021, the NE-DBIC will release a grant opportunity for technical assistance to strengthen on-farm practices, marketing, distribution, production, and consumption of regionally-produced dairy products. This grant will be open to dairy farms, processors, producer organizations. Supply chain partners may apply in collaboration with a farm, processor, or producer organization.

  • SIAL Canada: In April 2022, the NE-DBIC will host a cheese pavilion at international food and beverage trade show, SIAL Canada, to showcase cheesemakers from across the Northeast U.S.  

Competitive Grants and Contracts Underway

Past Activities


  • Goat & Sheep Dairy Market Research, Interactive Dashboard, & Webinar: A suite of resources that educate about goat and sheep dairy consumer preferences in the Northeast and opportunities in the marketplace. 
  • Dairy Experience Forum: In July 2021, the Dairy Experience Forum connected participants to top industry speakers as they share actionable consumer insights, forecasting, and industry thought leadership. Hosted by New England Dairy with support from NE-DBIC. 
  • Dairy Visioning Workshops: In September 2020, a workshop series was delivered to current Vermont dairy farmers focused on the development of concrete, actionable tools and frameworks to plan the future of their farms. 
  • Northern Region Dairy Summit: At this two-day summit in 2019, the Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food & Markets (VAAFM) facilitated a discussion between dairy farmers, dairy officials, industry experts and legislative leaders to determine what areas of information were most sensitive to the ongoing success and survival of traditional dairy farming in our region. 
  • Legislative Dairy Tour: In response to requests from the Vermont dairy community at the Northern Region Dairy Summit, officials at the VAAFM organized a legislative tour of six dairies in Vermont. 

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