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Conservation Districts Seek Supervisors & Associate Supervisors

By Natural Resources Conservation District (NRCS)

Vermont’s 14 Natural Resources Conservation Districts (NRCDs) are units of local government that were established by local landowners after the 1939 Soil Conservation Act. NRCDs have served their communities for decades, guiding local conservation efforts, securing funding for local projects, and advocating for local concerns to state and national agencies. Today, NRCDs are the boots on the ground for implementing state and national efforts to protect water quality and soil health and combat climate change.  

Each NRCD is run by a board of supervisors. Supervisors are elected for a term of five years and supported by a District Manager and volunteer associate supervisors. Supervisors live in their district; provide direction, leadership, and guidance to the District Manager; and bring valuable local perspective to the natural resources conservation planning process. With strong ties to their community and a range of expertise from farming to forestry and more, supervisors are the most important asset in guiding the direction of their Natural Resources Conservation District. 

Anyone interested in running for the office of supervisor must reside within the boundaries of their local district. To have your name placed on an upcoming election ballot for the office of supervisor, a person must have a minimum of twenty-five (25) signatures from local landowners on nominating petitions. Supervisor terms typically begin in January. 

In addition, NRCDs welcome the inclusion of associate supervisors, non-voting members appointed by the Board, who may have an interest in the general activities of their NRCD or a specific area of interest or expertise to share. 

Interested? To find out more about how to get involved and the timeline of this year’s elections, please contact your local Natural Resources Conservation District: 

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