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Certified Custom Applicator Operating Fees due January 31, 2023

All owner/operators or full-time custom applicators must be certified with the Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food & Markets (Agency) to operate within the state of Vermont.  Each year operators must meet educational requirements and submit an annual operating fee of $30.00 to maintain certification and a license. The deadline to submit this operating fee is January 31, 2023.   

All companies that employ certified custom manure applicators as well as all self-employed certified custom manure applicators will receive a renewal notice and form in the mail along with information regarding each applicator’s progress toward meeting educational requirements. If you should have received this mailing and did not, contact the Agency at (802) 828-2431. 

To learn more about the Certified Custom Applicator Program, visit or contact Jenn LaValley at (802) 828-2431.