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Andy Chamberlin of UVM Extension Launches the Farmer’s Share

By Kim Burns, Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food & Markets 

Farmers Share Podcast

“Everyone has a great story to share” said Andy Chamberlin producer of The Farmer’s Share. The Farmer’s Share is a new podcast series hosted by Chamberlin through the University of Vermont Extension and the Vermont Vegetable & Berry Growers Association. The podcast follows Chamberlin as he visits different produce growers in the region, spotlighting their unique stories.  

By tuning into the Farmer’s Share, you can take a tour of various produce farms in the northeast, learn about the individual farmer’s experience, and connect with the greater northeast growing community. According to Chamberlin, the in-person format is unique to the Farmer’s Share and offers an intimate perspective that other farming podcasts do not. You feel as though you are part of the conversation, whether it’s on the farmer’s back porch or in a heated hoop house. 

The podcast’s name is a play on words. Not only do many fruit and vegetable growers offer community supported agriculture (CSA) shares, but on The Farmers’ Share the farmer also shares their knowledge, experiences, and sustainability and success tips. According to Chamberlin, a valuable component of the Farmer’s share is to “capture [the farmer’s] stories and knowledge while we can.” A farmer’s expertise and knowledge can now be shared with a younger generation of farmers who are new and beginning. Chamberlin also sees the value of creating a sense of comradery between farmers when you can hear from your growing peers. 

On a personal note, Chamberlin has a vested interest in The Farmer’s Share as its producer. He grew up on his parents’ vegetable farm and has been working for the UVM Extension for the past 5 years, working with mechanical engineering outreach related to produce farming. Before the Farmer’s Share, he hosted The AgEngineering Podcast where he shared tools, tips, and techniques for sustainability on the farm. The AgEngineering Podcast officially concluded in September 2022, with The Farmer’s Share kicking off in October of that year. 

Fruit and vegetable farmers of any scale could benefit from listening to the podcast. To tune in, you can stream The Farmer’s Share on any podcast streaming platform, such as Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts. You can also visit the website at and follow The Farmer’s Share on social media @thefarmersshare to stay up to date.