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VAAFM Begins Contactless Records Inspections for Hemp Registrants

December 24, 2020

The hemp growing season has come to an end, and most operators transitioned to handling and processing their crops indoors. To limit in person contact and continue with inspections and connecting with Hemp Program registrants, the Hemp Program started conducting contactless records inspections in accordance with Section 5 and 6 of the Vermont Hemp Rules.  Inspections begin with a phone call followed by an email, and uses online inspection forms to gather information. This new format is a way for the Hemp Program to stay engaged with the community, collect important industry data, gauge registrant’s knowledge of the Vermont Hemp Rules and allows the program to offer compliance assistance, as necessary.

The online inspection forms are designed to collect information about a registrant’s total number of harvest lots, harvest lot yields, total number of process lots, results of contaminant testing and more. In an effort to reach as many registrants as possible, the Program asks that registrants provide the requested information within 10 business days from receipt of the form.

The Hemp Program asks growers to sum up their experience during 2020 growing season in a paragraph or two, however this is optional.

The phone conversation with registered processors will begin with a discussion about their hemp product lines, and based on the conversation, a specific type of product line will be chosen as the focus of the inspection. Processors will then be asked to declare up to 10 process lots, submit required certificates of analysis, and fill out a short questionnaire.

The hemp program is focused on collecting data from registrants that will ultimately guide necessary outreach and public engagement with respect to the Hemp Rules, rulemaking, and research going forward.

Registrants should note that failure to complete an online inspection may result in potential enforcement action.

Questions about the online inspection forms or process can be directed to Hemp Program Inspector Mike DiTomasso.; (802) 505-3726.

For more information about the Vermont Hemp Rules required Vermont Hemp Program testing, please visit: