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Farmers Market Spotlight: Milton

June 27, 2024
Milton Farmers Market

By Connor Sweeney with the Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food & Markets

In this week’s Farmers Market Spotlight, I visited the Milton farmers market. Located in a well-kept plot at Bombardier Park, this farmers market was on the smaller side but was packed with diversity amongst its stands.

A conversation that stood out to me was with Mark Montalban from Green Acres Homestead. Mr. Montalban owns 1/3rd of an acre in Burlington and on that property, he has ducks, chickens, rabbits, honeybees, mushrooms, and some produce. His stand had homemade pesto, currant syrups, honey, and much more. Mr. Montalban was very knowledgeable about his work, and I learned a lot.

What was very neat about this farmers market were the various start-up businesses in its space. Ranging from handkerchiefs for dogs, to custom chalkboards, to jewelry, and homemade soaps and incense, these startups covered a plethora of categories. Farmers markets contain all kinds of goodies in them, and the Milton farmers market is a perfect example of it.

A highlight from my experience was meeting a friend from the Jericho farmers market Nancy Elizabeth. Ms. Elizabeth travels to many farmers markets across Vermont and sells small pieces of stained-glass jewelry made of leftover glass from her art.  Each necklace and earring are intricately made and very beautiful.

I had a great time at the Milton Farmers Market and would highly recommend that you visit it. Whether that be for farm fresh produce or the products at the start-up businesses, this market has a lot to offer.

Special Shoutout to:

  • @ montalban537 (Instagram)
  • @ Nancy Elizabeth Studio (Facebook)

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