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Frequently Asked Questions (Activities)

Tastings versus Samples

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Tastings are events dedicated to the consumption and comparison of food or beverages. Such events are characteristic of AOFB. Events that include the tasting of alcoholic products that meet the definition of principally produced will likely be considered AOFBs, subject to confirmation by the municipality. (Note: if the tasting includes the consumption of alcohol, additional permits may be required through the Vermont Division of Liquor Control) Samples are portions of food or beverage that are available to potential customers to taste during normal operation of the farm.

What is a farm stay?

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A “farm stay” means a paid, overnight guest accommodation on a farm for the purpose of participating in educational, recreational, or social activities on the farm that feature agricultural practices or qualifying products, or both. A farm stay includes the option and focus for guests to participate in such activities. 

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