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VPIC Stage 1

Stage One: State of Vermont Selects 12 Submissions out of 27 to Present to VPIC Evaluation Team

To view the list of selected proposals click here

Using this innovative method of identifying solutions to problems or challenges, we hope to identify one or more technologies that could help mitigate the impact of phosphorus in our watershed by ensuring that the right amount of phosphorus is applied to the soil at the right time and in the right place, which will in turn minimize losses to our rivers, lakes, ponds and streams.

The Application Period for Stage One Closed July 6, 2018.

Stage One Proposals were submitted by July 6, 2018. A total of 27 Proposals were submitted, a list of the Proposals and the submitting organizations can be found here:


Some, or all, of the teams submitting responses to Stage One will be selected to make an in-person presentation to the Evaluation Team on Septmeber 6, 2018. The Evaluation Team will be comprised of subject matter experts, scientists, entrepreneurs, and State officials. VPIC was Initiated On Friday April 27, 2018 by Governor Scott.