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New Labeling Standards Governing Hemp Seed Sales in Vermont

January 7, 2021

Hemp is an agricultural commodity that became legal at the federal level just over two years ago.  This recent decriminalization launched hemp seed research and breeding, but it can still be challenging to find seed that meet a grower’s needs in terms of consistency, suitability for cultivation in a particular region, or that honor the claims on seed labels and in advertisements. To address these challenges, Vermont sellers and distributors of hemp seed must comply with labeling standards, as outlined in Vermont law, in chapter 34 of title 6.

These standards for seed package labeling and honoring any claims made on the package or in any advertising are in addition to an almost universal requirement that seed sellers and distributors be registered as Seed Dealers with the Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food and Markets. All hemp seed must have a label attached to the bag or container containing the following information:

  • the name (cultivar or variety) and kind (grain, fiber, cannabinoid) of each hemp seed present in excess of 5% of the whole percentage by weight of the package;
  • the origin state or foreign country of the hemp seed;
  • the percentage
    • by weight of any weed seeds in the container or bag
    • by weight of any inert matter
    • of feminized seed
    • of germination of the seed
  • the date the seed was packaged
  • the name and address of the company that packaged the seed or who sells, offers to sell, exposes for sale or distributes the hemp seed in Vermont

The label may also include information about whether the seed was “certified” as defined by the state or foreign country certifying that seed.

The Secretary of the Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food and Markets has the authority to enforce these hemp seed labeling standards, may conduct inspections of the sale or distribution of hemp seed, and may issue penalties for violations.

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