Capital Equipment Assistance Program (CEAP)

Financial assistance is available for new or innovative equipment that will aid in the reduction of surface runoff of agricultural wastes to state waters, improve water quality of state waters, reduce odors from manure application, separate phosphorus from manure, decrease greenhouse gas emissions, and reduce costs to farmers when they apply manure.

How to Apply

Download a Capital Equipment Assistance Program (CEAP) Application for FY 2018

There is no current funding round available, details coming soon...


Mail: Agricultural Resource Management Division 116 State Street, Montpelier, VT 05620-2901

Fax: (802) 828-1410.

All grant applicants should review and be prepared to agree to the State of Vermont Attachment C: Standard Provisions for Contracts and Grants.

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Grant Details

Eligibility and priority:

  • First priority will be given to capital equipment to be used on farm sites that are serviced by custom applicators, phosphorus separation equipment providers, and non-profit organizations.
  • Eligible Applicants include: custom applicators, nonprofit organizations, and farms.

Funding based on:

  • Applicant Status (5%)
  • Past Performance/Capacity (10%)

  • Impact (35%): Impact of equipment to reduce Phosphorus. If phosphorus removal is involved, is there an existing market available for export out of the watershed?

  • Cost (35%): Includes cost, leveraged funds available, and justification of cost in letter of intent.

  • Geographic Area (15%): priority will be given in descending order: Lake Champlain Basin, Lake Memphremagog Basin, the Connecticut River Basin, and the Hudson River Basin.

Equipment Eligible for Funding

Eligible equipment types and maximum funding amounts:

Applicants may apply for more than one category but categories will be ranked as separate grant applications.

Equipment Type

Examples of Eligible Equipment

Funding Rates:

Phosphorus Removal Technology or Equipment

-Physical or chemical removal methods or technologies

90% cost-share up to $300,000

Precision Agricultural Equipment

-Manure Application Record Keeping Units*


90% cost-share up to $25,000

Conservation Tillage

-No-Till Corn Planter


90% cost-share up to $10,000

Cover Crop Management and Field Improvements

-No-Till Grain Drill

-Roller Crimper

90% cost-share up to $40,000

Manure and Silage Management Equipment

(manure management equipment requires purchase of Manure Application Record Keeping Unit*)

-Dragline system



-Baling equipment (eligible only as an alternative leachate management, requires a referral visit from a VAAFM engineer to ensure eligibility)


90% cost-share up to $50,000

*Equipment listed above is only eligible for funding when purchased as a complete unit. Single items may be purchased to complete a unit with proof of a complete, operational system. Disablement of a flow meter, display, modules or GPS technology would cause this grant to be cancelled.


Funding Overview Fiscal Year 2018