Information for Beekeepers

The information contained on this page is intended to assist Vermont beekeepers, veterinarians, and other stakeholders that have an interest in beekeeping. For any questions or concerns contact State Apiculturist at or 802-272-6688.

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Bees and Bears

The Vermont Department of Fish & Wildlife handles all bear damage complaints in Vermont. A beekeeper must contact the local Fish & Game Warden if bear-related problems are noted.  If certain conditions are met, a beekeeper may be reimbursed a portion of the damages caused by bears.  

For additional information on bees and bears, visit the Vermont Beekeepers Association or contact the State Apiculturist at 802-272-6688 or

Honey Labeling Requirements

Honey Labels Must Contain the Following: 

Common Name:

If the product contains only honey, the word “Honey” must be included on the label.

It is not a requirement, but the name of a floral source may be used, if it is the primary floral source for the honey.

An ingredient statement is not required if the only ingredient is Honey.

If any other sweeteners are added to the honey, it may not be labeled as “Honey”

If flavorings are added to the honey (ex. Cinnamon), this must be included on the label and in an ingredient statement.

Net Weight:

Honey is measured by net weight.

The net weight (excluding packaging), in pounds/ounces and in metric weight (grams) must be included in easy-to-read type.

Example: Net Wt. 16 oz. (454 g)

Contact Information:

The label must include the name and contact information of the beekeeper or business that put the product on the market.

At minimum, the contact information must include Name, Town, and phone number.

Need more info?

National Honey Board:



Honey Bee Health Coalition  - A great resource for Best Practices and Varroa Mite Management  
Bee Informed Partnership
Vermont Beekeepers Association

Diseases of Bees

American Foulbrood
Comparative Symptoms of Brood Diseases
European Foulbrood
Neonicotinoid Pesticides
Varroa Mites

Beekeeping Associations

Vermont Beekeepers Association
P.O. Box 764
Burlington, VT 05402-0764

Eastern Apicultural Society

American Beekeeping Federation
3525 Piedmont Road
Building Five, Suite 300
Atlanta, GA 30305
Phone: (404) 760-2875
Fax: (404) 240-0998 

American Honey Producers Association
P.O. Box 158
Power, MT 59468
Phone:(406) 463-2227 or (406) 463-2217 
Fax: (406) 463-2583

Beekeeping Journals

The following monthly journals have national and international distribution and are available on a subscription basis by writing to the publishers.  

The American Bee Journal
Dadant and Sons
51 S. 2nd St.
Hamilton, IL 62341

Bee Culture
A.I. Root Co.
623 W. Liberty St.
Medina, OH 44256

Beekeeping Books

There are many books published on all aspects of apiculture and the following brief list includes several titles of interest to beekeepers of all skill levels. Check the various bee equipment suppliers and the bee journals for titles of interest to you.

The ABC & XYZ of Bee Culture
edited and written by R.A. Morse and Kim Flottum
A.I. Root Co., Medina, OH.

The Hive and the Honey Bee
edited by Dadant & Sons. 
Dadant and Sons, Inc., Hamilton, IL.

A Year in the Beeyard
Roger A. Morse
Wicwas Press
Beekeeping Education Service
P.O. Box 817
Cheshire, CT 06410-0817

The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Beekeeping
by Roger A. Morse and Ted Hooper, editors
Wicwas Press
P.O. Box 817
Cheshire, CT 06410-0817

Rearing Queen Honey Bees
Roger A. Morse
Wicwas Press
P.O. Box 817
Cheshire, CT 06410-0817

Honey Bee Pests, Predators and Diseases
edited by Roger A. Morse and Kim Flottum
Cornell University Press
Ithaca, NY 14851

Beeswax: Production, Harvesting, Processing and Products
William L. Coggshall and R.A. Morse.
Wicwas Press
P.O. Box 817
Cheshire, CT 06410-0817

The Backyard Beekeeper
Kim Flottum 
Root Publications
Medina, OH

Beekeeping, A Practical Guide
Richard E. Bonney
Wicwas Press
P.O. Box 817
Cheshire, CT 06410-0817

Beekeeping Basics
The Pennsylvania State University


Honey Promotion & Information

National Honey Board
11409 Business Park Circle
Suite #210
Firestone, CO 80504.
Phone: (303) 776-2337

Bee Research Labs

The United States Department of Agriculture has honey bee research laboratories in Arizona, Louisiana, Maryland, Texas, and Utah. These labs maintain a close association with the state land-grant colleges, and some teaching and extension are usually done with persons interested in beekeeping.  The USDA has bulletins and leaflets about many aspects of beekeeping.  A list of these may be obtained by writing: 

Bee Research Laboratory
Room 209A, Building 476, BARC-East
Beltsville, MD 20705 

Contact Information

Agency of Agriculture, Food & Markets

116 State Street
Montpelier, Vt 05620-2901


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