Local Food Market Development Grants

Local Food Market Development Grant, Request for Proposals 2018

The application deadline for the FY2018 LFMD Grants is January 24th 2018. 

If you have program specific questions regarding this funding opportunity, please contact:

Alissa Matthews
Agriculture Development Coordinator
802-505-1661 or alissa.matthews@vermont.gov

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Diana Ferguson
Grants Specialist
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What's New:

The Vermont Agency of Agriculture is pleased to announce the availability of up to 60k of funding for Local Food Market Development Grants to assist eligible Vermont farmers, businesses, and value-chain facilitators to reach new markets. Over the past 6 years the Vermont state legislature has annually appropriated funds to the VAAFM to support market opportunities with an institutional or other wholesale focus in Vermont. Similarly, there have been Philanthropic initiatives aimed at institutional market development. The strong alignment of purpose and overlap between the VAAFM’s Local Food Development Grant Program and the priorities of philanthropic partners’ Farm to Institution initiatives, have led us to consider an opportunity to leverage various funding streams. We are exploring this public/private partnership to collectively address more successfully the challenges we continually see related to distribution and transparency in the supply chain, and help to achieve the greatest economic impact of our collective funding objectives.


This year’s grants will be available to projects that have goals to improve quality, efficiency, or food safety; address distribution challenges; and/or mitigate the financial risks associated with scaling up to meet new market demands. Grants ranging from 3k – 10k will be targeted towards:

  1. Infrastructure Development: on-farm capital improvements, equipment purchases
  2. Technology: accounting, tracking, and/or sales software, website, or app development
  3. Market Access and Development: innovative solutions to logistics and distribution challenges

Grants are distributed, through a competitive application review process, to agricultural producers, producer groups, and value-chain facilitators that are addressing market access in Vermont institutions, defined as colleges and universities, early childcare and pre-k-12 schools, hospitals, nursing homes, and correctional facilities, and wholesale market access, including grocery stores, independent retail, and food co-ops. All applicants must demonstrate 25% of the total grant award in matching funds.


Past LFMD grant recipients!

  • Bella Farm, LLC, Monkton
    • Expansion of a washing and packing area to increase efficiency
  • Green Heron Farm, Richford
    • Purchase of a root crop washer, precision seeder, and stainless steel table
  • Green Mountain Organic Creamery, Hinesburg
    • Plans to expand their current cooler
  • Harvest Hill Farm, Hardwick
    • Purchase of a used cooler to expand storage space
  • Intervale Center, Burlington
    • Development of a student CSA program at UVM
  • Joe’s Brook Farm, St. Johnsbury
    • Purchase of a small scale brush washer, to replace hand washing and scrubbing
  • Radical Roots Farm, Rutland
    • Construction of a temperature and climate controlled storage cooler
  • The Tutorial Center, Bennington
    • Purchase of a delivery van to increase the capacity for larger volumes of farm-to-institution food sales
  • Vermont Fresh Network, Richmond
    • Coordination and development of a statewide matchmaker event

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