Agency of Agriculture Publishes List of Consumer Protection Violations


Henry Marckres

MONTPELIER, VT - Vermonters now have easy access to the list of entities in violation of the consumer protection regulations enforced by the Agency of Agriculture, Food, and Markets.
The list is now available online at
Although the Agency is best known for its work on farms, all Vermonters benefit from the services provided by the Agency’s Consumer Protection Division.

The team is responsible for inspection and testing of a variety of weights and measures devices, from gas pumps, to grocery scanners, to deli scales.

The Agency also inspects certain agricultural products such as apples, eggs and maple syrup. These inspections are done to assure that consumers are receiving what they are paying for, and the agricultural products are of good quality and graded properly.

"Our Consumer Protection Division provides an important service to Vermonters. This new area on our website offers greater visibility into the work we do to ensure consumer protection," said Chuck Ross, Secretary of the Agency of Agriculture, Food, and Markets.

When discrepancies are discovered, the Agency works with all parties to resolve the issue and ensure consumer confidence.

For the first violation, an official notice is issued and the business must send back a Report of Corrective Action Taken ( RCAT ) detailing how they will correct the problem. If continued problems are found in subsequent inspections, a penalty may be issued and/or other legal action may be taken.

For more information about the Consumer Protection services provided by the Agency of Agriculture, please contact Henry Marckres, Consumer Protection Chief at