Nursery Inspection Program

The nursery dealer-licensing program is mandated by 6 V.S.A., Chapter 206, Sections 4021-4031. This law states that every nursery dealer purchasing, selling or installing live plants shall annually apply for and receive a nursery dealer's license from the Secretary of Agriculture. If this law does not apply to your business than please indicate so on the license application and return it to the Agency. We will then remove you from our mailing list.

The purpose of this law is to prevent the movement of economically damaging pests such as plant pathogens, insects, mites and noxious weeds that have the potential to cause economic harm to Vermont's agricultural community and natural environment. During the earlier part of this century, several problems were imported into this country, such as: Chestnut Blight, Dutch Elm Disease, Birch Leafminer, Japanese Beetle, etc... Under this law, officials from the Agency of Agriculture, Food & Markets may inspect nursery stock in the possession of licensed dealer's, as they may deem necessary.

No person may legally sell live plants in the state of Vermont without a nursery dealer's license.