Testing for Mosquito Borne Diseases in Vermont

Testing for mosquito vector borne diseases in Vermont isconducted by the Vermont Agency of Agriculture Laboratory using Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) testing.  This assay multiplies a small distinctive piece of the genetic material of the disease so that it can be measured.  The agency has been testing for West Nile virus in mosquito populations from various sites around the state. Mosquitoes from a single collection site are identified to species and placed in mosquito pools containing up to 50 mosquitoes of the same species. Each mosquito pool is then tested using the PCR testing to see if the virus is present in this population of mosquitoes. The Vermont Department of Health also uses PCR tests for West Nile virus in dead birds.

Dog heartworm has been reported in dogs in Vermont.  This is a parasite carried by mosquitoes which affects dogs. Most veterinarians recommend that dogs get a preventative treatment for this disease throughout the mosquito season.

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