Pesticide Dealer Licensing

The type of Dealer License needed depends upon the class of pesticides being sold by the dealer outlet (see Pesticide Classification below).  A dealer license can only be issued to a full-time retail employee of the store or retail sales outlet.

Class B Pesticide dealer licenses are issued to individuals that sell class B pesticides from a retail outlet located in Vermont, and Class A Pesticide Dealer Licenses are issued to those that sell restricted-use (Class A) pesticides to Vermont-certified applicators from any retail outlet.  The licensed individual's full-time employment at the outlet allows the outlet to legally sell pesticides under that individual's Pesticide Dealer License.

Those that sell pesticides to the end-user in Vermont from a company outside of Vermont, as a traveling salesperson, must be certified as a commercial applicator.

To obtain a Class A or B pesticide dealer license, you must take the dealer licensing exam administered by the Agency of Agriculture and pay the appropriate fee.  Please contact the Pesticide Certification & Training (C&T) Coordinator to purchase the Vermont Pesticide Dealer Manual.  See contact information at left.

The Class C pesticide license does not require an examination, but still requires a fee. Please refer to the Retail License Application on this Weights & Measures page.

All licenses are renewed annually.  Dealers do not need to earn recertification credits to remain licensed, but must continue to renew their license annually in order to stay licensed.

• Class A dealer license - allows a person to sell Class A, B, and C pesticides.
• Class B dealer license - allows a person to sell Class B and C pesticides.
• Class C retail license - allows a person to sell only Class C pesticides.

Pesticide Classification

In Vermont, there are 3 classes of pesticides:

Class A pesticides, or restricted-use pesticides, include all pesticides that are restricted by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) or the State of Vermont.

Also included in this category are those products that require a permit to purchase and/or use.  For example, products labeled for use in water, for bird control, or some other permitted use.  These will have the "P"classification for "Permit Only".

Class B pesticides are general use pesticides, typically for outdoor use, that contain greater than 3% active ingredient.  All turf products are Class B pesticides, with the exception of products containing Bacillus thuringiensis and potassium fatty acids, which are classified as Class C products.
Class C pesticides are general use products, typically for use in and around the home, which usually contain less than 3% active ingredient.  This class also includes products such as antimicrobials, insect repellants and swimming pool supplies - regardless of percent active ingredient.

To determine if a product is registered for use in the state of Vermont, or to determine its classification as Class A, B, or C, ignore the Login and click on "Product Registration" to search the database:

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