Government Applicators

Government Applicators:  Employees of Federal, State, or Municipal Departments or Agencies that use (including the recommendation of) pesticides as part of their job.

To become a Certified Government Applicator you will need to take and pass the appropriate exams administered by the Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food & Markets.


Government applicators must take and pass the CORE exam and all appropriate category exams.  You must speak to the Pesticide Certification & Training (C & T) Coordinator to determine which certification categories you need in order to perform the pesticide-related work you plan to do in Vermont, which determines the manuals you will need to purchase.  See contact information at right.

Certification Manuals

The study manuals are available for purchase online through the Cornell Store. Government Applicators need to study the CORE manual (3rd edition) and the Vermont specific inserts to pass the CORE exam, plus government applicators need to study at least 1 additional category manual and pass that exam to become certified.  More information on purchasing the manuals can be found on the Applicator & Dealer Resource Page under Purchasing Certifcation Manuals.

Certification Exams

Once you receive your manuals, study on your own, and when you are ready to take the exam or exams, contact the C & T Coordinator to make an appointment for any of the testing locations.  You may take just one exam at a time, or as many as you can do in the 3 hour time limit.

See the Pesticide Exam page for an exam schedule.

Fees are $30 per catergory and exam re-takes cost $25.00.

Becoming Certified

Once you pass the exams, you become certified by filling out an application and paying fees, available at the testing location or on the Applications & Forms page.