PES Working Group 1st Meeting & Materials (9/30/2019)

First PES Working Group Meeting Summary

Posted: 1/28/2020



Presentations from 1st PES Working Group Meeting held on 9/30/2019

Posted: 10/14/2019


First PES Working Group Meeting Materials Posted for 9/30/2019

Posted: 9/24/2019


As a final reminder, the first meeting of the Working Group will be held on September 30, 2019 from 10am to 4pm at St. Leo’s Hall, 109 S. Main Street, Waterbury Vermont.


The meetings of the Working Group are open to the public, and public comment will be welcomed for a defined period of time towards the close of regular meeting hours. Public comment can be submitted in writing at anytime to:


Below you will find documents that will be discussed at the first meeting:


  1. PES-Agenda-1st-meeting-09302019.pdf – is the Agenda for the first meeting
  2. Pages from ACT083 As Enacted – Section 3.pdf – are the relevant pages from Act 83 of 2019 which is the legislative charge to the Secretary of Agriculture to convene the Working Group to discuss this PES topic.
  3. VTPESWGWorkPlan9-10-19.pdf – Is the Draft Workplan which outlines the path to a final report by the Working Group for January 15, 2020.
  4. VTPESWorkingGroupProtocols.pdf – This document will be reviewed and discussed at 11:20am at our first meeting in a conversation led by the facilitator, Pat Field.
  5. PESDesignMatrixCriteria.pdf – This document will be homework for our second meeting to be scheduled in October. This matrix is intended to be a tool to help focus the conversation around designing a PES program tailored for Vermont.
  6. Gund_Policy_Brief_2019_Vermont_Pes_final[1].pdf & 7. Gund_Issue_Paper_2019_Vermont_PES_final-10172019.pdf are documents provided by Taylor Ricketts which include the Gund Institute Issue Paper on PES in VT and a two page Policy Brief that summarizes it.
  7. PfP-How-To-Guide-Final.pdf is a document provided by Jon Winston which will be the focus of a webinar to be hosted in October.
  8. Salzman_et_al-2018-Nature_Sustainability.pdf is a document provided by John Salzman which will be the focus of a webinar to be hosted in November.



Ryan Patch | VAAFM Water Quality Division

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Contact Information

Agency of Agriculture, Food & Markets

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Montpelier, Vt 05620-2901


Program Contacts

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  • Licensing & Registration        802.828.2436
  • Business Development          802.828.1619
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  • Working Lands                    802.622.4477
  • Public Health & Resource Management                802.828.2431
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  • Produce Program                  802.522.7811
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