Training & Recertification

How do I become a certified pesticide applicator in Vermont?

To get started, go to the Applicator & Dealer Resources page.

Once I am certified, how do I remain certified?

Commercial, Non-commercial and Government applicator certificates must be renewed yearly with the submission of the appropriate renewal paperwork, usage report, and in some cases fees. At renewal time, the paperwork is mailed to each applicator or their employer in early December to renew for the following year.

Private applicator certificates are renewed every (5) five years.

All certification exams remain valid for a period of 5 years. During those five years, commercial, non-commercial and government applicators must earn sixteen (16) recertification credits in the appropriate certification category or categories in order to renew their exams for another five years. Private applicators must earn eight (8) recertification credits in the appropriate commodity groups to renew their exams for another 5 years.

Applicators that have not earned the required number of credits must re-take the exams in order to remain certified.

How do I earn re-certification credits?

Credits are earned by attending meetings/courses (in and out of Vermont) that are approved for credit by the Certification & Training (C & T) Coordinator or by completing and returning the quizzes from the semi-annual newsletter, The Pesticide Applicator Report. (See below)

Find a list of recertification credit meetings that have been approved by the Vermont Agency of Agriculture at:

Pesticide Applicator Meeting Search

or you may call the C & T Coordinator for information.

If you attend a meeting in a state other than Vermont, be sure you send a copy of your signed attendance form (issued by the Pesticide Authority in the state where the training was held) to the Vermont Agency of Agriculture as soon as possible after the training. See "Re-certification Credits from Outside of Vermont" below. Always keep a copy of your attendance form for your own records.

The Pesticide Applicator Report

(a semi-annual newsletter for Vermont-certified applicators)

Current and back issues:

Re-certification Credits from Outside of Vermont

The following information is required on any recertification attendance forms you send in to the Agency that are from meetings held outside of Vermont. If the information is not provided on the form issued by the state, then you must provide it. Incomplete forms will be returned or discarded.

Applicator Information

• Full name printed clearly
• Vermont certification number
• Applicator’s signature

Meeting Information - (May be on the attendance form itself, on an accompanying brochure or hand-out from the meeting, or supply a current web address that contains all of the following meeting information)

• Name of Meeting
• Date of meeting
• Name of sponsoring organization/business

Meeting Sponsor - contact information

• full name
• sponsor’s signature
• full address
• phone or email

Course location - name and full address
Credit information - from host state lead agency (state agency responsible for approving pesticide related trainings) including commercial and/or private categories and credits assigned to each


Initial Certification Meeting

The Vermont Agency of Agriculture and the University of Vermont Extension Service offer an Initial Certification Training Session (to help people become certified) once per year, usually in March or April. At this day-long training we review the various chapters of the CORE manual for those studying to become certified private, commercial, non-commercial or government applicators or licensed pesticide Dealers. There is a break for lunch, then the certification exams are offered in the afternoon. (Commercial applicator category exams are NOT offered at this training session, and will need to be taken at another time.) Information will be posted by February for that year's meeting on the Recertification Credit Meeting page.

Initial Certification Review & Exam Mailer