Pet Food Product Guarantee Analysis

It is Vermont law that all pet related food products sold in Vermont must be registered and labeled according to Vermont Pet Food. All pet food products are required to have a guarantee analysis label on each package. This test includes crude protein, crude fat, crude fiber, and moisture. If products are sold in New York state, ash testing is required by New York, as well as the aforementioned tests. Each different product or recipe needs to be analyzed, even if only one ingredient differs.

The guarantee analysis can be done at any feed laboratory of the manufacturers choosing. The Vermont Agency of Agriculture’s Feed and Fertilizer aboratory also conducts guarantee analysis for a fee.

Fee Schedule

Sample preparation - $10
Crude Protein (combustion method) - $15
Crude Fat (acid hydrolysis method) - $15
Crude Fiber (Ankom method) - $10
Moisture (135° C oven method) - $9
Ash (muffle furnace method) - $5

VT total analysis - $59
NY total analysis (if selling there) - $64

Samples can be submitted by mail, Fed Ex, or in person at the laboratory.Samples should be at least 3 ounces in weight, contained in a zipper bag or original packaging, and each product/recipe be packaged separately. Samples can be sent to:

Vermont Agency of Agriculture Laboratory
UVM Hills Building
105 Carrigan Drive
Burlington VT  05405

The form should be filled out completely and can either be emailed ahead of the samples arrival or sent with sample via mail. If dropping sample off, please call ahead of time so a chemist can pick up the sample upon arrival.