Welcome to our new website

Thank you for visiting our new website!

Our Agency's mission is to facilitate, support and encourage the growth and viability of agriculture in Vermont while protecting the working landscape, human health, animal health, plant health, consumers and the environment.

To that end, are pleased to launch this new resource, which aims to connect business, producers, and consumers with key resources related to agriculture in our state.

As Secretary of the Agency, I will post here regularly about the emerging issues, opportunities, and challenges facing agriculture in Vermont.

Never before has our culture been so fascinated with food, and the origins of food, as it is today. Vermont has a unique story to tell. Vermonters are deeply connected to the land, and many enjoy a close relationship with agriculture. Today, more than ever, consumers across the country are interested in the "who, what, why, and how" of where their food comes from, and Vermont answers these questions in compelling, innovative, and sustainable ways. I look forward to using this space to share some of the stories behind agriculture in our state. I am also eager to address some of the challenges our state faces related to agriculture, and the ways in which we can work together to find solutions.

We hope this site serves as a useful resource. Your feedback, thoughts, and suggestions are welcomed and appreciated.