Bird Control Permits

Bird and animal pests are those that may be declared a pest by the Secretary. The Secretary may declare a bird or animal to be a pest in a specific situation; where there is a likelihood of damage to health, the economy, where harm to other wildlife may occur, or in the event of injury or severe annoyance.

Types of use that may be authorized by permit:

  • Area-wide application of pesticides on agricultural commodities, wildlife and for human protection.
  • Limited-area applications of pesticides where the use of those pesticides could have a detrimental effect on non-target animal life adjacent to the structure, lot or yard which is specifically treated or may affect food or food products.
  • Any licensed company or certified applicator applying pesticides for the lethal control of pest birds or other pest animals shall apply to the Secretary, on an approved form, for a permit to perform such control operation.
    • The application for a permit shall state the problem and the pest to be controlled, the pesticide to be used, rate to be applied, the area to be treated, disposal of the controlled pest and unused pesticide and the treatment time period.
    • For municipal or community-wide operations, a written request or statement granting permission for such operation signed by an official of the municipality shall be submitted with the request.
  • All requests for application of pesticides for bird or animal control on open land shall be reviewed by the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department and Vermont Department of Health and notification of all limited-area requests for application of pesticides shall be submitted to the aforesaid departments if approved by the Secretary.
  • Control operations may also be subject to guidelines or directives which are established by the Vermont Commissioner of the Fish and Wildlife Department, Vermont Commissioner of Health, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the Vermont Commissioner of Labor and Industry.
  • Permits are not required for the use of animal or bird repellents.