Pesticide Product Registration

Pesticide Products Which Require Registration in Vermont

Under Vermont Law all pesticides are “economic poisons” and require state registration.  An “economic poison” is defined as:

any substance produced, distributed or used for preventing, destroying or repelling any insects, rodents, nematodes, fungi, weeds, or other forms of plant or animal life or viruses, except viruses on or in living humans or other animals, which the Secretary shall declare to be a pest or any substance produced, distributed or used as a plant regulator, defoliant or desiccant.

Pesticide products are misbranded if they do not display an EPA Registration Number.

All revised pesticide labels can be emailed to

25(b) Products

Pesticide products which are classified as minimum risk pesticides "25(b) federally exempt" need to be registered in Vermont.  If you have any questions about the labeling requirements please call (802)-828-2431 or email

Applications & Forms

Application Form for Vermont Pesticide Product Registration

Laws & Regulations

All pesticides sold in Vermont must be registered with the State under 6 V.S.A. Chapter 81, the Pesticide Registration Act:

VSA 6 Chapter 81 Pesticide Product Registration (pdf)

Database Searches

Registered Product Database Search


Special Registrations-Click product name for label (pdf) 

Section 24(c) Special Local Need For Reflex (pumpkins) VT-16-0001

Section 24(c) Special Local Need for Avipel (dry) Valid until 7/15/2017