Farmer Wellness: Healthy Farmers, Healthy Farms

The Vermont Agency of Agriculture prioritizes farmer health and safety so that Vermont’s farmers can continue growing wholesome foods in an open, green landscape. The Agency promotes farmer health in many ways, two of which are through its support of the Farm First Program and the VT Farm Safety Program.  

Farming is one of the most dangerous occupations. Research shows that farmers whose stress levels are high and whose minds are on their troubles are at high risk for accidents on the farms. 

The Farm First Program consults with and provides resources to farmers and their family members with any and all concerns. The calls to Farm First include- but are not limited to- problems with stress, family and relationship, financial, legal, medical, disability, depression, suicidal feelings, communication, alcohol and other drugs. Farm First’s short-term, professional attention is likely to help farmers enough to prevent accidents and to reduce a sense of isolation while promoting improved communication and wellbeing on the farm. 

The Vermont Farm Safety Program helps farmers formalize their safety planning in order to reduce risk of injury for family and workers while meeting OSHA standards and reducing costs for workers’ comp.