Meat Industry Development

The Agency of Agriculture works to build partnerships between meat producers and processors, and supports an increase in meat processing capacity through:

  • Coordination of the Farm-to-Plate Meat Processing Task Force, a community of practice with representation from producer associations, extension agents, technical assistance providers and funders.
  • Organizational assistance to the Meat and Poultry Processors’ Association
  • Technical assistance to new and existing processors to achieve regulatory literacy and compliance.
  • Identification of new and growing markets for Vermont meat

Meat production is an important facet of Vermont’s working landscape. According to the Farm-to-Plate Strategic Plan Appendix E, livestock sales generated over $76 million for Vermont farmers in 2007, approximately 42% of nondairy sales. The total inventory of livestock raised for meat increased by 46% between 1997 and 2007, indicating significant growth in the industry over the past decade.


Market Analysis: Consumer Valuation of Meat Processing