Exporting Plants from Vermont

Most foreign nations require plants and plant products originating from the US (including Vermont) be accompanied by a federal phytosanitary certificate, and many states have specific regulations governing the interstate commerce of certain plants and plant products.

To facilitate agricultural exports in interstate and international commerce, the Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food & Markets assists Vermont farmers and exporters by providing inspection and certification for plants and plant products being shipped out of Vermont to domestic and international destinations.  

A phytosanitary certificate is issued verifying that the plant products have been inspected, are pest and disease free, and meet specific import requirements.

The Vermont Agency of Agriculture's Plant Industry section is authorized to issue two kinds of phytosanitary certificates:

  • federal certificates for plants and plant products destined for foreign markets, and
  • state certificates for interstate commerce.

There may be additional certifications required by the receiving nation, state or other entity, or the issuance of import permits prior to certification by Vermont. Contact the Vermont Agency of Agriculture's Plant Industry section before you ship, and we will help determine what is required for your plants or plant products.