Horse Pulling Events

Many Vermont Fairs host horse and pony pulling events in order to expose the public to working draft equine animals.  The Animal Health Section of the Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food and Markets works closely with Fair officials to ensure that horses entering Vermont for purposes of competing in Horse Pulls do so legally and in a way that minimizes the risk of the spread of contagious equine diseases.  To review Vermont's equine import requirements, refer to the equine section of the import regulations.

Equine animals originating from out of state must also travel with proof of negative EIA status as evidenced by Coggin's testing within one year of entry into the state.  Review Vermont's regulations pertaining  to control of EIA.

The Animal Health Section coordinates with Fair officials and private veterinarians to ensure the random drug testing of horses and ponies entered into pulling events.  The use of performance enhancing drugs in pulling horses is illegal in Vermont, and violators are subject to administrative penalties and other restrictions, including but not limited to a ban from participation in future Vermont pulling events.  To view the rules pertaining to this issue, click here.

Questions pertaining to the Animal Health Section's involvement in drug testing at Horse Pulls should be directed to the Animal Health Office.