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Agriview is a monthly publication of the Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food & Markets.  Its mission is to educate and inform Vermonters about issues, events, and discussions that impact the state's agricutlural industry and the people that work in it.  If you wish to receive the paper in your mailbox, please contact the Managing Editor, Faith Raymond at 802-828-1619, or write to her c/o the Agency of Agriculture,116 State Street, Montpelier VT, 05620

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About Agriview

We’ve heard from many of our community members over the years a call for consistent and reliable news and information regarding Vermont’s agricultural industry.  We are listening, and in response to your feedback, we are launching an initiative to mail complimentary copies of our monthly agricultural print publication - Agriview - to farmers and producers throughout Vermont.

The goal of this Agriview initiative is to make sure that all members of our Vermont agricultural community have equal access to the information they need to stay abreast of changing regulations, to get help and answers to questions, to identify and take advantage of available resources, and to stay connected to our ag community.

We have also expanded our online Agriview Newspaper. All the same great content in our Agriview print newspaper is now available online for free!

Inside both print and online Agriview, readers will find important information regarding:

  • Resources for farmers, including workshops and trainings, financial & technical assistance, grants, loans, etc.
  • Current information about new and changing tregulations, including:
    • New Required Agricultural Practices (RAPs)
    • New Federal Produce Safety Rules (FSMA)
  • Updates to Worker Protection Standards
  • Updates to On-Farm Slaughter Regulations
  • Upcoming ag-related events & educational opportunities
  • Local ag market reports
  • Stories from across the Vermont ag community
  • Agriculture-specific classified advertisements
  • And much, much more!

We hope you will find this publication to be a useful source of knowledge, information, resources, and inspiration. If you would like more information about Agriview or would like to contact us with questions, please visit:,  email: or call: 802-828-1619.


Agriview Online Newspaper

All the same great content in our Agriview print newspaper is now available online for free - including editorials, market news, community event calendars, classified ads and much, much more! 

  • Click HERE to subscribe to free Agriview Online.


Subscribe to Agriview Print Newspaper

The Agency of Agriculture is now providing complimentary monthly Agriview subscriptions to Vermont farmers and producers.

  • Subscription Information for Vermont Farmers and Producers. Click HERE to apply for your complimentary monthly Agriview newspaper. 

  • Subscription Information for Existing Subscribers - Classfied Club.  If you have paid for a subscription to Agriview in the past, you don't have to do anything! You will continue to receive your monthly copies. If your interest is to place classified ads you will still need to send in the yearly fee. Please contact Faith Raymond if you have any questions regarding your subscription, or 802-828-1619.
  • Subscription Information for Readers Who are NOT Farmers, or Located Outside of Vermont.

    • Readers who are not farmers/producers or reside outside of Vermont, will pay the $30 yearly fee to receive the Agriview. 

  •  ​All Agriview readers, see information below regarding classified ad placement 


Manage Your Agriview Subscription

If you have any questions or concerns about your subscription, have accidentally received multiple copies, or would like to be removed from our Agriview mailing lists, please email: or call: 802-828-1619.


Classified Advertising - The Classified Club

Classifieds are an important and highly utilized part of Agriview.  Classified ads in Agriview will be viewed by 6,000 Agriview recipients, which translates to over 12,000 views by members of our Vermont ag community. 

  • Fee is $30. Check made payable to Agriview. Mailed to 116 State Street, Montpelier Vt 05620
  • Placement of one classified ad for 1 year. 125 characters or less for the length of the ad.
  • Send ads by email or by mail. If by mail ads must be legiable or they will not be placed. No longer accepting faxes.

Please contact Faith Raymond with any and ALL questions you may have. Phone: 802-828-1619 or Email:


Advertising in Agriview

With over 6,000 monthly readers from the Vermont agricultural community (which translates to over 12,000 monthly views) Agriview is a great place to advertise your business!


Editorial Submissions Information

Please send us your news!  We welcome submissions from the Vermont Agriculture Community.  Before submitting content to Agriview, please review the Agriview Editorial Submission Guidelines HERE.


Agriview Archive

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