Get To Know the Agency - Meet Laura Ginsburg



Hello! My name is Laura Ginsburg and I am very excited to join the Agency of Agriculture, Food and Markets team.  

I am coming from western Montana where my family and I run a small farm raising beef, pork, sheep, and chickens, and we also operate an ice cream business. We have lived there for about 8 years and moved to Montana from Tunbridge, Vermont.

My background is in agriculture policy; I received my MS degree from the University of Montana, where my thesis research focused on farm-level impacts of the state's  dairy supply management system. Additionally, I was awarded a Fulbright fellowship to New Zealand to study how their free-market dairy system impacts farmer decision making.

My work experience has been primarily focused on collaborating with farmers to increase profitability and develop farmer-led initiatives to address a wide range of issues from marketing and sales to policy. I look forward to working with all of you in Vermont's agricultural community.