Big Happenings on Day 3 at the Vermont Farm Show!

Day 3 will be the last but perhaps most important day at the 2018 Vermont Farm Show.  At 10am, Agency of Agriculture Director Diane Bothfeld holds the Dairy Update meeting.  A State-of the Union type presentation for the milk industry, this is a deep dive on the health of the milk dairy commodity market, milk pricing, the daily challenges that dairy farmers face and the future of the industry.  We will be providing this report on the Agency website later this week.

Directly following the Dairy Update, Vermont Governor Phil Scott will hold his weekly press conference at the Show.  Always an exciting time when the Governor comes to the Show, this year he will be highlighting the exciting Phosphorus Challenge; a collaborative effort of the Agriculture Agency, the Agency of Natural Resources and the Agency of Commerce and Community Development.  The challenge offers money for innovative and entrepreneurial ideas to capture the nutrient phosphorus off our agricultural lands before it is able to get into our state waterways, and turning the captured phosphorus into a reusable, marketable and sellable product.  We plan to broadcast this press conference live on our Facebook page, so stay tuned!

In other news, the Agency of Agriculture team captured its second Capital Cook-Off victory in a row last night, beating a strong Senate team!  The secret ingredient was eggs, and the teams had various types of eggs to choose from.  The Agency’s creations were entitled “3 Eggs - 3 Ways” and included a massaged kale salad with a poached quail egg; a scotch duck egg with root vegetables oven fries; and a hen egg smoked maple soufflé.  We’re working hard to get the recipes for these wonderful creations so you can taste the magic yourself! 

Come on over to the Farm Show and visit!