Finding That Special Vermont Tree

                                                   By Faith Raymond, VT Agency of Ag

'Tis the season to start thinking about purchasing your Vermont Christmas tree!

It’s an old tradition for many Vermonters to take a seasonal family drive after dinner to see the beautiful Christmas lights in your neck of the woods. This year our family will be one less in the car for this traditional drive, Gram passed away a few months ago. We will continue the tradition with her in our hearts and sharing the wonderful memories of years past. Her favorite was to see all the beautifully decorated Christmas trees glowing through windows of homes, she said seeing these homes would give her peace and love in her heart.

We will take this drive remembering what it meant to her and in return, it will mean more to us than ever before. One of the memories we have from the last few years is simply driving through downtown Burlington on our way to a favorite scenic haven.

Gram was in awe over all the beautiful red lights that flickered down each street We didn’t have the heart to tell her they were brake lights from all the vehicles on the roads.

Gram would admire those who tackled the large Christmas tree on the front lawn and we would need to slow way down, so she could truly appreciate the time it took to create such a master piece.

Back in the day she and my husband (when he was a wee one) attempted to decorate the blue spruce in her front yard. They had enough lights to string one straight line from the bottom of the tree to the tip top. They decided to decorate the small lilac tree instead, using the old large bulbs the lilac tree started to bud in December. This was why she admired the effort that went into decorating the large 20’–30’ trees. Although you may have the vision you also need lights… and more lights!

As many of you have family traditions focused around your Christmas tree, the Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food and Markets would like to you send a photo of your purchase/choosing of your tree at a Vermont Christmas tree farm. Please share on our Facebook page with #VtChristmasTree.

Whether you prefer cutting your own or selecting a precut visit the New Hampshire-Vermont Christmas Tree website to find a farm near you visit, http:// www .nh-vtchristmastree .org/ search .php .

The majority of Christmas Tree Farms will open the Friday after Thanksgiving for those eager to start the holiday season and close on Christmas Eve for those that are running a bit behind.

Happy tree hunting!