Agricultural Clean Water Initiative Program (Ag-CWIP)


The Agricultural Clean Water Initiative Program is the Agency of Agriculture, Food and Markets, grant funding program made possible by the Clean Water Fund, created by Act 64 or the Vermont Clean Water Act. Funding is awarded to a wide variety of partner organizations through various grant opportunities such as Education and Outreach, Organizational Development, Innovative Nutrient Reduction, Pasture and Stream Fencing or Grassed Waterways and Filter Strips. This funding develops and supports the continual improvement of water quality across the state of Vermont by supporting farmers with education and outreach, technical assistance, identifying and implementing best management practices, planning, and more. 

Current Grant Opportunities: View current grant opportunities available through the Clean Water Initiative Program. 

Agricultural Clean Water Investement Report 2018: Learn about agricultural clean water investement through the Agency of Agriculture in 2017 including funding invested, examples of projects funded as well as preliminary data regarding program impacts. 

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