Pollinator Protection Committee


About Vermont's Pollinator Protection Committee:

Managed and native pollinators are important to agriculture, they work on farms pollinating our fruit and vegetables crops. They also provide honey and other bee-related products, adding to Vermont’s agricultural diversity. Nationally and globally, pollinators--such as bees, butterflies and other insects and small mammals, are under stress, and in some cases, in decline. In 2016, the Vermont legislature passed a bill (Act 83) creating a Pollinator Protection Committee. On this Committee, beekeepers, ecologists, government officials, researchers and the farming community are working together to conserve & improve pollinator health in Vermont.

Legislative Activities

Pollinator Protection Committe Legislative Report February 2017

Act 83 - Establishment of the Committee



Pollinator Protection Committee Members:

Katie Ballard - Ballard Acres Farm, Georgia, VT and Director of Research at W.H. Miner Institute

Eric Boire - Crop Production Services, Addison, Vermont and President of Vermont Tree Fruit Growers Association

Terry Bradshaw - Tree Fruit and Viticulture Specialist, University of Vermont, Chair of the Pollinator Protection Committee

Chris Conant - Claussen's Greenhouses, Colchester, Vermont

Ross Conrad - Dancing Bee Gardens, Middlebury, VT. Member of Vermont & Addison County Beekeepers Associations and a regular contributor to Bee Culture.

Cary Giguere - Agrichemical Program Manager and Chair of State FIFRA Issues Research and Evaluation Group (SFIREG)

John Hayden - The Farm Between, Jeffersonville VT

Mike Palmer - French Hill Apiaries, St. Albans, VT. Member of the Vermont Beekeepers Association.

Leif Richardson - Research fellow, Gund Institute, University of Vermont and research associate with the Vermont Center for Ecostudies

Jane Sorensen - River Berry Farm, Fairfax, Vermont. Also owns Northeast Pollinator Plants 

*listed in alphabetical order


Pollinator Protection Committee Meeting Schedule:

​Next Meeting: February 2, 2017 09:30AM-3PM (may end sooner depending on agenda) -Dewey Building Conference Room, 1 National Life Drive Montpelier, VT  (Also the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Licensing Building)