Water Bacti


The Water Bacteriology lab employs various test methods to assess the extent of coliform bacterial contamination of water sources.  

  • NELAC  
  • U.S. Food & Drug Administration
Laboratory Contacts:


  • Kristen Needham   
  • Wendy Blackman
  • Megan Phillips  
  • John Jaworski  
Water Sources and Supplies Tested:
  • Dairy Processing Water
  • Recirculating Cooling Water
  • Meat Processing Water
  • Produce Wash Water
  • Produce Irrigation Water
  • Agricultural Runoff
  • Wastewater
  • Recreational Water

NOTE: VAEL is not accredited for the analysis of drinking water.  Please contact the Vermont Public Health Laboratory for drinking water testing.      


Tests & Fees:


Test Kits:

Available soon.

Sampling & Submission Guidelines:

Note: Prior notification is highly recommended. Test requested and state holiday schedule determine laboratory delivery days  STATE HOLIDAY SCHEDULE

  • Sample water into sterile 120 mL Idexx Colilert vessel or 300 mL sterile WhirlPak bag
  • Label sample containers using a permanent marker (Date of Sampling, Sampler, Sample Description)
  • Collect samples that are representative of the water source being tested
  • If applicable, disinfect and flush sample ports 
  • Remove and discard plastic seal
  • Keep sampling container closed until it is filled, do not contaminate inner surface of cap or sampling container, replace cap immediately
  • Using aseptic technique, fill container without rinsing to just above fill line (leave ample air space for mixing)
  • Place samples in leak-proof cooler - containing ice & water slurry
  • Transport samples to the lab as soon as possible
  • Best methods of transport are hand delivery, same-day or overnight courier
  • In order for sample results to be used for official analysis, transit time must not exceed 30 hours and sample temperature must be <10C (preferably 0 - 4.5C) at time of receipt