Dairy Regulatory



The Vermont Central Dairy Testing Lab provides testing to ensure the safety and quality of the state’s raw and finished dairy products. 

  • FDA-CFSAN-Milk Quality & Safety Branch    
  • USDA – Federal Milk Market Administrator
Purpose of testing:

To determine,

  • Bacteria levels in compliance within state and federal regulatory limits    
  • Dairy products contain no detectable antibiotic residues    
  • Proper pasteurization of retail dairy products   
  • Label guarantees such as fat content are met

Dairy producers or processors with test results out of compliance are investigated by the Dairy Division of Food Safety & Consumer Protection.  Dairy Division field staff recommend corrective actions and follow up to ensure remediation was performed as specified. 

Dairy Laboratory Contacts:


  • Kristen Needham   
  • Wendy Blackman   
  • John Jaworski
  • Danielle Gregoire 
Sampling & Submission Guidelines:

Note: Prior notification is highly recommended. Sample type, test requested and state holiday schedule determine laboratory delivery days

  • Sample raw producer bulk tanks or silos (in triplicate) using sterile milk vials or Whirl-pak bags, retail products in original container 
  • Label sample containers using a permanent marker (Date of Sampling, Sampler, Product Description)
  • Place samples in cooler containing ice & water slurry
  • Transport samples to the lab as soon as possible
  • Best methods of transport are hand delivery, overnight courier or local dairy inspector
  • In order for sample results to be used for official analysis, transit time must not exceed 48 hours and sample temperature must be 0 - 4.5C at time of receipt
Technical Service:

Unofficial samples may be sent to the lab for technical assistance testing, please follow guidelines above.

Dairy Laboratory Tests & Fees:

Please refer to rate sheet below.