Cattle/Calf Transport Recommendations

Cattle and calves are routinely transported into, out of, and within the state of Vermont for many purposes, including show, exhibition, sale and slaughter.  The care of cattle and calves on the farm directly impacts the welfare of those animals during transport, and it is incumbent on all persons involved in livestock transport to ensure that best management practices are followed on the farm of origin, while on the road, and at the point of delivery.  Ensuring the safe and humane transport of Vermont cattle and calves will protect their well-being, improve the economic bottom line of Vermont's livestock producers and businesses, and protect the integrity of the Vermont Brand.  Please review the Vermont Livestock Care Standards Advisory Council's Transportation Guidelines for Cattle and Transportation Guidelines for Calves in order to become familiar with these important best management practices. Other formats, including palm cards, tri-fold brochures and fact sheets, as well as Spanish translated materials may be obtained by contacting Dr. Kristin Haas