Funding Available for Vehicle and Equipment Upgrades

By Deirdra Ritzer, Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation

The Vermont Clean Diesel Grant Program will have incentive funding available for projects that reduce diesel emissions from engines, vehicles, and equipment. Nonroad engines, equipment or vehicles used in agriculture (including stationary generators and pumps) are eligible to receive funding.

Caption: Ag vehicles are eligible for this program Photo by: Alison Kosakowski For more information, contact Deirdra Ritzer at (802) 233-8052

The Vermont Clean Diesel Grant Program was developed by the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) in response to one of the greatest air quality challenges facing Vermont – reducing public exposure to emissions from diesel powered engines and equipment. With assistance from the Vermont Clean Diesel Grant Program, several Vermont businesses and institutions have successfully completed various diesel emission reduction projects including diesel engine repowering at local sawmills, vehicle replacement at schools, and installation of idle reduction technologies used by hospitals, railways and schools.

The types of projects eligible under this program include 1) vehicle, engine and equipment replacement, 2) retrofitting with emission control technologies, 3) engine repowers, and 4) installation of idle reduction technologies.

The DEC will be posting a Request for Proposals to solicit applications for this grant opportunity within the next 60 days. Since there are eligibility and cost share requirements that vary depending on the project, it is strongly recommended that interested applicants contact program staff to discuss potential projects well in advance of the formal application process.

To learn more about the Vermont Clean Diesel Grant Program and this upcoming funding opportunity, please visit the DEC’s Air Quality & Climate Division web site at