Important News for Those Enrolled in Current Use

By Stephanie Smith, VAAFM, and Linda Henzel, VT Dept. of Tax

Self-Certify in August: During the month of August property owners with agricultural land enrolled in the Current Use Program will receive a certification form (CU-313) from the Vermont Tax Department.  Self-certifying eligibility is a new annual requirement for enrollees of  “agricultural land” and “farm buildings”.  If land and/or buildings are no longer eligible, this form outlines steps  to remove property or revise enrollment.  The deadline for submitting this form to the Current Use Program is September 1, 2015.  Depending on the disposition of your property, additional actions may be necessary.  If you have questions concerning this certification process, please call 802-828-5860 for more information.

Oct. 1 is the  Current Use Easy-Out Deadline: During the 2015 legislative session, the Vermont legislature made a number of changes to the law affecting the current use (Use Value Appraisal) program. One of these changes was a new calculation for the land use change tax (LUCT). When changes of that nature are enacted, the legislature has elected to grant an easy-out period for enrollees. This temporary period allows landowners to remove a parcel, or part of a parcel, without paying the first $50,000 of LUCT. You must apply by Oct. 1, 2015.

To help make the application process easier, the Department of Taxes created a checklist. This checklist outlines some of the commonly missed items needed to submit with your application (CU-312).  The checklist is available online at

If you apply for the easy-out, please note that owners of the withdrawn land will pay the full amount of property taxes for the 2015 tax year on the withdrawn land. As a result, the towns will need to re-send bills for the withdrawn land during the easy-out. Withdrawn land may not be re-enrolled in the program for five years. Effective Oct. 2, 2015, the Land Use Change Tax will be 10% for all land developed or withdrawn.

If you have questions about the process, please contact the Tax Department’s Current Use Division at 802-828-5860.