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Updated Water Quality Laws:

  • Requires VAAFM to adopt, as part of the revisions to the RAPs, requirements for training owners or operators of small, medium, and large farms regarding: prevention of discharges to waters; mitigation of stormwater runoff; land application of manure or nutrients; and nutrient management planning. 
  • VAAFM shall require training as a condition of a LFO permit, MFO permit, and SFO certification. 
  • VAAFM may phase in training requirements based on farm size, permit type, or available staffing and may authorize third parties to conduct required training.
  • VAAFM shall not charge the owner or operator or a large, medium, or small farm for the required training but shall pay for the training from funds available for water quality initiatives. 

Law Implementation Deadlines:

  • VAAFM must adopt rule for agricultural water quality training for LFOs, MFOs, and SFOs by July 1, 2016
  • VAAFM must establish a schedule for LFO, MFO, and SFO water quality training by January 1, 2017





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