Local Food Data Tracking


The Local Foods Data Tracking Program is a joint effort between the VAAFM (Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food, & Markets) and USDA- AMS (Agriculture Marketing Services) Market News Reports to collect and aggregate pricing data on a variety of fruit and vegetable crops, as well as a selection of meat and poultry products grown and sold in Vermont. VAAFM collects weekly local food pricing data from interested Vermont farmers’ markets geographically distributed across the state through the summer market season, and extending monthly into the winter market season. Updated pricing reports will be viewable on VAAFM’s website, as well as the USDA-AMS Market News Reports. Click ‘Farmers Markets’ and then ‘Vermont Weekly Farmers Market Report’.

The Local Foods Data Tracking Program is a new initiative we believe will be beneficial to consumers, vendors, and farmers’ markets in the following ways:

  • Provide public access to anonymous contemporary fruit, vegetable, poultry, egg and meat pricing
  • Provide national and regional comparisons of Vermont farmers’ market pricing data available on a weekly basis
  • Provide local foods data to support more accurate support for setting federal insurance rates and access to loan opportunities for food producers
  •  Enable farmers & vendors to price products accurately & competitively
  • Enable farmers’ markets to assess product price competitiveness against conventional grocery stores, food coops, and other food vendors
  • Allow consumers to assess product price competitiveness among farmers’ markets, grocery stores, food coops, & other food vendors

If you would like to participate in the Local Foods Data Tracking Program, please contact Alissa Matthews at alissa.matthews@vermont.gov or 802-505-1661.

For more information about the program and learn how you can participate, click on one of the following links below. We would love to have your participation!

Interested Participant Information

Program Resources

Interested producers and consumers can view each of Vermont’s 2018 Weekly Data Tracking Reports

View Vermont’s Winter Monthly Data Tracking Reports

View Vermont’s 2017 Weekly Data Tracking Reports

A Full History of Vermont’s Data Tracking Reports Can Be Found Here


Local food data tracking results are shared monthly in Agriview. Link to an electronic version of our latest Agriview issue.